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    • Absolute proof that Americans are stupid
      I postulate that the USA masses are merely the most well-indoctrinated horde in the entire world.

      Gulags not needed in the USA... not the type dictators use. The tyrannical elites control of information distribution channels ensures that only a few individuals retain their own thought processes thus minimizing any threat to the ruling overlords and their command-control systems.

      The K-12 indoctrination systems are in the hands of the lackeys and bureaucrats who follow the dictates of the tyrants whose federal-level education bureaucracy ensures the vile spawn of commoners become vapid insipid consumers whose thought processes are turned away from thoughts of battling the tyranny perched over them.

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    • Obama horns in on Trump's foreign trip

      Obama horns in on Trump's foreign trip

      By S.A. Miller - The Washington Times - Monday, May 22, 2017

      Former President Barack Obama will leap back onto the world stage Thursday to join German Chancellor Angela Merkel at a forum at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

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    • Seth Rich murder scandal heating up
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      No he won't. None of them will.

      Even at DCPD or FBI, this is the Unanswerable it shall not be allowed to be asked of them.

      All these years later, the ghost of Vince Foster still hovers around Hillary...driving her insane.

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