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      1) I do not know how my shoulder was FRACTURED in two places, but is was not FRACTURED before being SEDATED on the morning of 04-27-2015.

      2) I have DEPOSITIONS of other STAFF MEMBERS working in the ICU, who have verified my version of the events that took place in my ICU. NURSE JENNINGS was over-heard telling me to "MAN UP", as per LAKEVIEW REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER's INTERNAL INVESTIGATION. NURSE JENNINGS was also over-heard arguing with another NURSE, "MIA YEPEZ and others", refusing to call my WIFE, telling me, "I REALLY DON'T GIVE A SHIT", and saying, "HE'S MY PATIENT AND I WILL DO WHATEVER I WANT", to NURSE MIA YEPEZ.

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    • Even WWE has been infected by the SJW virus
      I stopped watching in the early 2000's. It just all turned to crap. The new wrestlers that you mention, I didn't like any of them, Tripple H, Cena, Kaine. Only good one was Undertaker but if the whole thing is pozzed theres no reason to watch just for him. GOlden age of WWF<-(no fucking 'E') was 80's and most of the 90's. That is all.
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    • >> 05/28/2017 11:56 PM : .
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    • Bestest fast draw CCW setup?
      Nothing will be fast unless you train to be fast. I'm a fan of appendix carry and there are plenty of fast trainers/pros that carry the same.
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    • >> 05/28/2017 11:55 PM : .
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    • I don't know what all the fuss is about up in the Reich.
      Trump is just a chip off the old Republicrat-Fascist block, the hydra-headed monster that has been running the show in the Reich since the Mayflower dropped anchor. [quote]..[/quote]

      The Orange Utan convinced the Sepp electorate that he was different, that he "had their back" (Oh how I hate that puerile expression! It sounds exactly like something an "unbelievably brave" cigar-chomping Marine in a 1940's War Comic would say!

      If elected Trump swore he would take the poor disenfranchised Deplorables back to the Golden Days of the faux Capitalist Utopia of the 1950's and 60's. Back to those good ol' days of Mom, God, and Apple Pie when their capitalist Massa's let them have a little spending money to buy the tawdry goods they produced in Massa's satanic mills* But Capitalisms key word is Greed, and Massa will keep tightening the screws on the poor Deplorables until they finally rebel and set the tumbrils** rolling again.

      Der Trumpenfuhrer is no different to Clinton, Bush, O'Bomber, and all the carpet bagging cunts that went before him. No, that's not true. He is more sickeningly narcissistic than every single American Presibent who ever lived - PUT TOGETHER!! ***
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    • >> 05/28/2017 11:45 PM : .
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    • I have a new live-in girlfriend.
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      Pretty much.

      It's been 1 week so far, and everything is going great. She sucks me off first thing in the morning. I do my morning routine, and then we have another round of fucking around 9am-10am.

      I take 50mg of Viagra at lunch, and we have a long fuck session in the afternoon, and then another one at night.

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    • >> 05/28/2017 11:19 PM : .
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    • Gene editing tool costs $150.00 and is being used in Middle-School science projects

      At Acera, an elementary and middle school in Massachusetts, 13-year-old.. recently completed a CRISPR experiment, genetically modifying bacteria so that it could grow in an antibiotic that would have killed it otherwise.

      Pierce's science teacher, Michael Hirsch, made the argument to get genetic engineering kits for his science students to experiment with in class. "It's going to take molecular bio out of the 'Oh man, cool, they do it in labs' to 'Wait, we can do this in our homes,' " Hirsch says. "We could do things like create pigments, and create flavor extracts, and all of these really nifty things safely and carefully in our kitchens."

      Nothing to worry about.

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  • no tats tooX
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