• I wonder how much my favourite famous sluts worry about not being pretty
      Ariana Grande cant go outside her house without lots of make-up. I have waited for pics where she looks natural, but i have not seen any. Demi Lovato is really trying hard now. When she was younger she did not care. She had blue hair and ugly clothes. Kylie Jenner is trying hard to look hot with all the pics she posts on Instagram. All her pics are unnatural. Beaner Selena was out without make-up often when she was young. It does not happen now. Dua Lipa dont seem to care if she looks like an alibaba borat gypsy. Camila Cabellos face is not symmetrical. Sometimes they fix the pics to hide it or chose pics where you cant see it, sometimes not. I dont understand Kendall. She tries to hide her face often, but when they get a pic of her face she turns out to be a natural beauty.
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