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    • Anyone else starting to lose confidence in Trump?
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      I think this thread was started by the Playboy reporter slob that slept off a drunk in his car, then stumbled into the white house to yell shit during the press thing. :lol:

      She should have been more blunt, like this:

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    • >> 06/28/2017 09:18 PM : .
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    • More examples of CNN fake news

      Just another nail in the coffin of CNN fake news.

      Related Videos:


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    • >> 06/28/2017 09:03 PM : .
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    • Trump is so stupid....
      Trump is so stupid, he got a DUI for driving his golf cart over the green of his own golf course.

      Trump is so stupid that blondes tell jokes about him.

      Trump is so stupid he thinks General Motors is the commander in charge of the troops in Iraq.

      Trump is so stupid that he stared at the orange juice carton because it said "concentrate"!

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    • MGTOW - The explosion of the "Men Going Their Own Way" Movement
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      I am an Indian American male 24 years old. I have always had an athletic build from playing intramural sports. However throughout highschool/college, I never really received any female attention. I had a good social group and female friends. I did have two girlfriends though however they generally were short lived.

      I have a decent software job (70k a year) as I have gotten older I can definitely have started getting more and more attention from girls. In the Indian parties that my family has been going to since I was like 5, the girls there now often flirt with me. However, when I was younger I remember a bunch of them poking fun at me, when I asked one of them to prom and she rejected me. And just when it comes to my main social group (mostly White/Asian), I have had a fair bit of times where a couple of girls told me that they would be down for going out, if I was interested.

      This is really where mgtow piqued my interest and brought out my cynical side. I can't really say that besides getting older and having a job that as a person I have changed much to explain the newfound interest of women. I have always been the chill, level headed guy, that made smart and safe decisions. (STEM field/reliable car as opposed to fast and flashy/no tattoos etc).

      To me it makes me wonder am I the guy that girls are eying up after they had their fun? I never really have been seen as "sexy" and now that I am getting attention from more girls. It makes me wonder are they seeing me primarily for my utility and as a ticket to a stable life.

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  • archieluxuryX
    • New guitar day
      this one looks nice : https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/HLPS17HBCH

      i have an acoustic (Seagull S6+ with a pickup, basically this one : https://reverb.com/item/3978567-seagull-s6-cedar-satin-acoustic-w-martin-thinline-pickup-installed-free-deluxe-case-included)

      i'm not worthy of a truly great guitar yet. what's a good-enough electric to start with?

      i borrowed a friend's 1972 gibson sg several years ago. i loved that thing but definitely not worthy of it :D
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    • Noodles
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    • >> 06/28/2017 08:45 PM : .
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    • Best part about Linux Mint?
      Oops. Looks like Linux isn't so secure after all. :mittens:


      An ISP in South Korea that was hit with a deep ransomware infection in recent days has agreed to pay more than $1 million to recover access to its encrypted data.

      The company, Nayana, said that it had been hit with the Erebus ransomware about 10 days ago, and spent several days trying to recover its data. The attackers who targeted the company initially demanded about $4.3 million in Bitcoin, but Nayana officials began negotiating with the attackers and eventually got the price down to a little more than $1 million. The money will come from an investment from an outside firm, the company's CEO said.

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    • Linux.Mint.Boi
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    • >> 06/28/2017 08:03 PM : .
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