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      So you believe this thread is about you personally rather than the Conservative movement as a whole?

      If you have an alternative explanation for why the Republican leadership primarily consists of left-wing liberals than my own (i.e. Republicans have voted for liberal politicians, for decades, because they like liberals) then share it.

      Also keep in mind that this very thread shows 'Bane of lib cunts' proudly declare his love & admiration for Hollywood Communists.

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    • Trump is like a Lame Duck president
      you sound like one of my children. I wrote them 20 things that Obama did. ALL NEGATIVE. but the MSM had a totally different slant on the same subjects. the facts are the facts and like OUR President has said many times, YOU ARE FAKE NEWS. you can think what ever you want, that's what makes AMERICA so great. BUTT, your still an attention seeker and you and I both know YOU. I've seen and dealt with people like you all my life and you really haven't effected me and my success. But I see you and know what you stand for.


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  • newyorkboiX
    • Bipartisan effort to tackle Obamacare is DOA, Trump and far right Republicans have already killed it.
      Republicans have become the "can't get shit done" party. :lol:

      Yet another last-ditch effort to tackle the nation's health-care system stalled within hours of its release by a bipartisan pair of senators Tuesday, with President Trump sending mixed signals and Republicans either declining to endorse the proposal or outright opposing it.

      The week began on Capitol Hill with a renewed sense of urgency to craft legislation following Trump's decision last week to end key payments to health insurers that help millions of lower-income Americans afford coverage but that the president argued were illegal under the Affordable Care Act.

      The compromise offered by Sens. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) and Patty Murray (D-Wash.) on Tuesday proposes authorizing those payments for two years in exchange for granting states greater flexibility to regulate health coverage under the ACA. Those payments help offset deductibles and other out-of-pocket costs for low-income consumers who obtain insurance through the law; critics of Trump's decision said eliminating the subsidies would cause insurers to back out of marketplaces across the country.

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    • Trump is a woman abuser
      they are kind of fun to abuse, physically for some, mentally for others...... whos king of the hill? the one that does not cry
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