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    • Bestest fast draw CCW setup?
      Nothing will be fast unless you train to be fast. I'm a fan of appendix carry and there are plenty of fast trainers/pros that carry the same.
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    • >> 05/28/2017 11:46 PM : .
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    • I don't know what all the fuss is about up in the Reich.
      Trump is just a chip off the old Republicrat-Fascist block, the hydra-headed monster that has been running the show in the Reich since the Mayflower dropped anchor. [quote]..[/quote]

      The Orange Utan convinced the Sepp electorate that he was different, that he "had their back" (Oh how I hate that puerile expression! It sounds exactly like something an "unbelievably brave" cigar-chomping Marine in a 1940's War Comic would say!

      If elected Trump swore he would take the poor disenfranchised Deplorables back to the Golden Days of the faux Capitalist Utopia of the 1950's and 60's. Back to those good ol' days of Mom, God, and Apple Pie when their capitalist Massa's let them have a little spending money to buy the tawdry goods they produced in Massa's satanic mills* But Capitalisms key word is Greed, and Massa will keep tightening the screws on the poor Deplorables until they finally rebel and set the tumbrils** rolling again.

      Der Trumpenfuhrer is no different to Clinton, Bush, O'Bomber, and all the carpet bagging cunts that went before him. No, that's not true. He is more sickeningly narcissistic than every single American Presibent who ever lived - PUT TOGETHER!! ***
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    • >> 05/28/2017 11:45 PM : .
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    • Worst song (outside rap crap) in recent memory

      The Garden of Allah

      ""The Garden of Allah" is a song by Don Henley, released as new material on his 1995 album Actual Miles: Henley's Greatest Hits.[1]

      It is presented as a modern-day fable in which the Devil discovers he has become obsolete.[2] Background vocals were provided by Sheryl Crow. Actor Kirk Douglas appeared as the Devil in the music video."

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    • Muslim comedian tells crowd at college graduation to "have sex with an immigrant"

      Immigrants may feel a little tense about what's happening in American these days, but comedian Kumail Nanjiani has a plan to make things feel a little more relaxing for everyone.

      "Have sex with an immigrant," Nanjiani told the graduates of Grinnell College in Iowa during a commencement speech. "We're going through a tough time right now, and it would just be really great for morale."

      Nanjiani graduated from the liberal arts school in 2001. Grinnell invited him back this week to deliver the commencement address to the graduating class of 2017. During the ceremony, the school awarded Nanjiani an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters.
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    • >> 05/28/2017 09:48 PM : .
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    • BUNZ nogs are upset with Amy and white people
      *Note added May 26, 2017: I use this language about Black manhood and Black male sexuality because Amy Schumer was specifically referring to a cis man in her joke. I understand and acknowledge that having a penis is not exclusive to men.
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    • >> 05/28/2017 09:46 PM : .
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