• Anger grows abpout Negress politician wanting Trump murdered
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      All content in the dive routed through that bank of snooping NSA CRAYs using the sniffing software that routes all pertinent content for human perusal. Enough time has elapsed with no real credible activity that the shit in this cesspool is merely a humor source for what little is sent to the humans reading the shit.

      This site has a reputation for decent and good and humorous content but bureaucratic guidelines keep the input going. As other sites appear offering more critical content F169 will keep getting bumped down in priority until it will likely be removed forever but the memories of good reading by NSA human interpreters will likely last far longer than this dive will exist.

      Decades hence expect a brief F169 mention in a memoir written by an ex-NSA agent. I would not be surprised if one or more mentions explicitly mention the quality content of one F169 user with the Gruntled moniker. That is likely. Hopefully Mr. the Loaf will also receive deserved mention. And Henny Penny. Will Mr. Brisco and other quality composers of mirth and merriment receive their proper mention?

      Only time will tell

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