Men in spray on jeans and silly hats, who obviously suffer from severe sinusitis, nasally intoning on, and on, and ON! with really depressing stuff, like their unrequited masochistic "lurve" for Mary Lou, set to the tune of a snivelling electric guitar. - the favourite music of manic depressive dipsomaniacs, self-mutilators, and suicides.
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    • I have started to listen to new pop music
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      There has been a lot news stories about beaner Selenas latest song Fetish.

      Lots of writing about the lyrics and the video. It reached 27 on Billboard and 33 on UK Top 40. For Selena this must have been a failure. Bad liar did much better. The song is too slow for me. Beaner Selena is not a good singer and her songs are slow pop songs. No one can beat her black evil pretty beaner eyes.

      I am worried that Camila Cabellos songs OMG and Havanna will not do well on the charts. Camila is good singer. A bit different from the other singers. Beaner Selena is boring compared to Camila. Camila dont have pretty eyes like Selena.


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