• POLL: Is the USA on the brink of civil war?

    1. Yes, Virginia is the tipping point, this will spread nationwide and result in martial law!
    2. Nah, people will forget all about it by tomorrow morning.
    3. I couldn't give a flying fuck what goes on in some 3rd world SHITHOLE. :snob2:
    • Is the USA on the brink of civil war?

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      • Fscking Moron
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      • (I fucking hope so, but I can't take hopes to the bank. So, YANKS ONLY, tell me).
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      • Re: POLL: Is the USA on the brink of civil war?
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      • Yup. We're on the edge.

        The Right believes in the individual and the rule of law. It is, in fact, quite liberal.

        The Left has become communofascist with a fanatically religious intensity. For them, there is no room for compromise - you either submit to them or die. And Yes, they very much resemble their natural kin the Jihadists.

        It has been the Left that has been committing heinous acts of violence while openly threatening to murder the President. The Right is now reaching its boiling point. The rule of law demands respect for everyone's right to express themselves non-violently and freely have their own opinion, but the rule of law also demands MUTUAL respect for those rights as well as civil order so that society can function. The Left's deliberate destruction of those boundaries has now reached a point of no return; violence on a mass scale is all but inevitable.

        The only thing that would prevent all out civil war is a peacable breakup of the nation between Red and Blue, a bit per Kurt Schlicter's writings.

        I already live in Red Flyoverville and thus can look forward to a happy, peaceful and prosperous future. I will also relish watching the blue states recreate Venezuela and Cuba for themselves.
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      • Fscking Moron
      • Re: POLL: Is the USA on the brink of civil war?
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      • I hope you Pinochet those SJW fucks :tu:
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      • Section 8
      • Fscking Moron
      • Re: POLL: Is the USA on the brink of civil war?
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      • Your average loser does not have time for a civil war. Between working in the cubicle, Dancing with the Star, American Idol, posting on Facebook, going into debt, and taking handfuls of Zoloft. They don't give two shits about any of this crap. The media likes to makes us believe that thousands and thousands of people care about this shit. Most people only care about whats for dinner and if they are going to drink beer or wine tonight.
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