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    • Fatwhite racist shoots at black teen who knocked on his door to ask for directions!
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      Yeah, exactly. And back in my HS days, there were these things called pay phones. Yeah, mom I'm lost at this mobil station, its on 48th st and Carr, how do I get to x? Mom takes out her trusty Thomas Guide map which was sitting in the car, and says, "take the bus on 48th going east, ask the bus driver if this is the one going to hamilton HS to make sure"

      But 14 yr olds are pretty smart. They all have cell phones, tablets, can ask some random tard on the street who can google it.

      I must have been exceptional cause I had a Thomas Guide in my car when I turned 16.. There was no GPS for us.. Had to figure out where the fuck I was from the index and the map and highlight my turns.
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  • GentlemanX
    • Craigslist Champs - 15 April 2018
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      How I paid my mortgaged and tax bills.

      My name is Brenda Stanbery, a single mom with 2 kids from Memphis, Tennessee, I am very happy and grateful to Jennard Investments Limited for granting me a loan of $62,000.00 through the help of Mr John Martin Dyson, on the 6th of April 2018 to upset and settle my mortgaged and tax bills and also stabilize my business I was going through some challenges. They saved me and my children from loosing our house. This message might be of great importance to you out there seeking a genuine loan in order not to fall into wrong hands, my advice to you is to contact this company today via email: also with contact number: +1(484)292-4513.
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  • Jack BriscoX
    • 21yo Rosa Verte is Irish but looks like a mystery meat
      Page: 2
      Any broad can show her nuggs & shake her ass, damn few have "IT" whatever it is...

      This girl how ever, does have "IT" and without a doubt it comes through the screen at you and grabbz ya in ya "nether regions"

      I'm well past my cock-houndin days, but something bout this lil gal hits me deep in my gut... It's a biological hard wired primal response no doubt, but its there none the less.
    • GONT
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  • WhatAboutItX
    • Women Reveal Their Cringiest 'Nice Guy' Experiences.
      Page: 2
      If you've been friends with someone for a year or two and there's never been a romantic spark, no hint that either of you look at the other person as someone other than a friend, then no mixed messages have been sent.

      In this case, it's the woman who's being honest. It's the guy who is being dishonest if he likes the girl as more than a friend but he never tells her about it.

      I don't understand why a guy would pretend to be just a friend with a girl when he wants something more than that, BUT HE NEVER TELLS HER HIS TRUE FEELINGS FOR 2 YEARS. That's insane. And bizarre. And creepy.
    • CUCK
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  • QuenceX
    • Open for business.
      They invented fake medical reasons and foisted cock cutting upon gentiles. Why? To prevent them from being identified by their cocks and sent to the gulags if their plan for the destruction of the western world went awry or was otherwise uncovered. Their's is literally the first degree murder of our good, moral european culture.

      Make everyone look like a jew and the jew becomes hidden.
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  • Saint AdolfX
    • So what's the end goal now that we're basically going to war with Syria?
      Re: USA in 2050

      Posted 04/12/2018 05:18 AM - Hide

      A handful of ratfaced kikes ripping the bloody hearts out of children to sacrifice to their savage desert God in some kind of reconstructed Babylonic talmudic hell-temple in Jeruselem while a planet of groaning, ooking flare-nosed mulattos squats in the dust flogging their cawks and playing with their feces just like Daddy Jewbucks taught them. Probably not even capable of speech anymore, let alone reading and writing. Just a steaming-hot shitstink planet of the apes, grunting out brown human turds to serve the Schlomoids.

      The world will be ruled from a high-tech neo-Babylonian ziggurat called the "Third Temple" in Jeurselem. Each morning the Arch-Schlomo will preside over a foul ritual where Aryan infants are pitched screaming into a pit of burning coals to sizzle before unspeakably hideous brass snakes and other cthonic idols. A group of 666 blonde nymphs bread for tantric sex will be on all fours, chains around necks rattlling as they sigh in ecstasy, penetrated by midnight-black buck niggers. This ritualized re-enactment of the destruction of the Aryan race will be accompanied by the gleeful, hand-rubbing cackling of the Arch-Schlomo and his retinue of high priests. A choir of pudgy Anglo-Saxon trevs will be forced to watch this grotesque tableaux of violation and masturbate sullenly. They are given female hormone injections to enhance their bitchtits and shrivel their dicks, much to the delight of the Chosen who look on and chortle at the downfall of the white man.

      Outside the Third Temple, in the festering desert heat, a panalopy of mulattos of various mocha shades shuffle morosely through the blistering hellacape. They have lost the power of speech save for two words, and, heavily sedated from birth, can only mutter "nigguh...muhfuggin nigguh...Uhhh... Nigguh muhfugga." The are lashed with bullwhips by members of the Chosen who use them for slave labor and as the general butt of sadistic jokes and games.
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  • White_californianX
    • The American Culture War
      When the 2nd Revolution/civil war comes, the only gun carrying types the Left will be able to bring to the battlefield will look like this:
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    • ShitGibbon shuts his stupid cock-holster for a day, market goes up over 400 points
      Yum Brands today declared triple dividends due to activist investor Gravel Pit Nestor Associates LLC (GPNA), buying up $10M of Taco Bell and Pizza Hut asset backed securities in the form of long term coupons for 20% off retail price of the Gordito, the Double Taco and Double Stuffed Pizza debenture offerings.

      Although considered exotic derivatives, a spokesman for GPNA said, "It's like we can never get enough of these discount offerings to fill the big guy up."

      YUM Brands declined to comment, citing company policy on specific investors and changes in gravitational pull new Bartlett since the program was announced.
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  • VP_Spiro_T_CheneyX
    • Arnold Schwarzenegger has an important message for his millions of fans.
      And I'm in my 50s and in perfect shape. No issues at all. And after my 2nd round of coolsculpting, I now have teh washboard stomach I had as a teenager. Even in my 20s I didn't look this good. No steroids or any of that shit. When I lifted early on, I tried protein powder, creatine.. all that stuff. Gave it up fairly quickly. I have a protein bar off and on these days but that's it. Otherwise, I eat whatever I want. A lot of McDonalds, chicken, Arby's, Subway and lots of processed foods keeps me healthy.
    • CELEB
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  • QuenceX