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587BOARD is a completely anonymous message board. You can post about anything you'd like with full anonymity by posting as a ".". You can post about politics, technology, business, world affairs, religion, sex or whatever. When we say whatever, it really means whatever. Whatever means that you can rant about a relationship, tell us what you're having for dinner, complain about your job, or post about anything else on your mind. There is really no guidelines about what you can post about as long as it's legal and as long as it doesn't violate our terms of use. If you take a little time to familiarize yourself with the forum, you'll find that many of us are interesting individuals who are always up for a heated or non heated discussion.

Are you unfamiliar with certain acronyms or memes?
Read this community generated list of community memes and acronyms.

What's the best suggestion for a new user?
You should start an introduction post and you'll quickly get a bunch of replies ranging from insults to friendly welcomes. That should give you the best indication of what type of people this forum attracts, it's anybody with an opinion.

Don't know how to post?
You simply have to enter any word in the "Name" box, enter a message in the "Message" box and click "Post Reply" (or "Post New Topic"), it's that simple and that anonymous.

Give it a shot, reply to a few topics or start a few of your own and you just might find yourself quickly feeling at home.

You may find some material offensive or obscene, please read the following concerning my stance on free speech:
Posted material does not reflect my point of view concerning race, society or anything else. I respect all races, religions and genders equally so I find many of the opinions posted here to be offensive but I strongly believe in the 1st amendment.

Hate speech is not encouraged here, however if it falls within the bounds of protected free speech it is tolerated. That being said, if you find any posts that are considered illegal and not protected by the 1st amendment, please contact me immediately for content removal. I will cooperate in civil or criminal investigations should any illegal, libelous or defamatory content be posted.

To sum things up, I strive to offer an environment that encourages FREE SPEECH so if you find a post to be offensive, please remember that is the authors point of view and not mine. I encourage you to reply to the author and let them know how you feel.

- Hans