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    • The latest street shitter singer Charli XCX
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      "Charli XCX debuts shorter locks as she flaunts her killer curves in silver satin gown and then a quirky sheer hoodie while party-hopping around LA"

      She really needs the long coal black shiny hair.


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  • NisseX
    • Blind Item Revealed:_It's Larry King and his behaviour was shocking.
      Apparently if you are willing to devote yourself to the kink of a very rich old man you can make a lot of money. The escort in this blind used to see lots of customers to make a living but now just sees one old man and makes low six figures a year because she is willing to do what it takes to make our old man a happy guy.

      Our old man is A list. Has been for decades and probably will be until he dies. Always a celebrity, never an actor although he has appeared in some movies as himself. Married to a celebrity and getting super cranky in his old age.

      For the past few years he saw several escorts but nothing that really was worth writing about until this one came along. He generally meets the escort at a public place where she's supposed to pretend she's with a guy she has just met. Our old man comes along and because of who he is he manages to win her away from the other guy. He loves to feel like he is still on top of his game. The escort told me she is fast running out of guys to play the part and the old man thinks she is actually picking up some random guy.

      They go back to her place where he runs through any number of scenarios but most of them involve him getting naked and watching her do things to herself. Basically anything he can think of she does. This has been going on for about a year and the escort says she always thinks they will run out of things to do but the old man has an imagination that just won't quit. This happens twice a week for two hours a pop at the exact same time and the exact same days.

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    • CIA Lemon Party Borat Gestapo
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  • CIA Lemon Party Borat Gestapo
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