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    • World's scientists update their 1992 warning to humanity!
      A Mexican peasant generates .5 metric tons of CO2 emissions per year. Move them to the USA where their emissions will become 17 metric tons per year, and thanks to government subsidies, they will have more children than they would have in Mexico, each one generating 8000% more CO2 emissions than in Mexico.

      I'm sure the scientists covered that angle.
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    • Juggalos sneer and complain the one time anyone takes them seriously or even recognizes them as existing.
      Nobody ever gives them credit for having the brains of margarine, so I suppose that I shouldn't be surprised...


      Juggalos are holding a mass march in Washington, D.C. to protest their designation by the FBI as a gang.

      'Juggalos' is the the collective term for fans of Detroit hip-hop duo the Insane Clown Posse. Juggalos can be easily identified by their distinctive black and white face paint and numerous tattoos.

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    • The models are wrong.
      Irma will not hit florida.

      The models are wrong.

      They are guessing Irma will magically make a right turn .


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