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    • Niggers stealing niggers
      I'd like to see their face when they realize that they just took off with a niglet.

      It would most likely be the expression one has when they step in a pile of dog poop with a good pair of shoes on.
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    • Will The Soon-To-Be-Open "Shaniqua's Pizzeria" Serve A Great Pizza Pie?

      Pizza shop manager recorded in assault told police that woman was 'loud and disruptive'

      A woman who was assaulted and thrown out of an Uptown pizza restaurant Friday night told Pittsburgh police she stopped there to use the restroom on her way home from a nearby bar.

      Jade Martin, 34, told police she was drinking with a friend at Ace's Deuce's Lounge a few doors down from Pizza Milano on Fifth Avenue with a friend before leaving to catch a bus home around 7:30 p.m., according to a police report. When she missed the bus, she decided to stop in the pizza restaurant and was stopped by the manager.

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    • My racist views of miscreants

      "The guy pulls his knife and demands cash. The clerk reaches behind the counter like he's going to take out money, but instead pulls out a piece and points it right at knife man.

      The robber does a quick reassessment of the situation and chooses to high tail it out of the store.

      Police say the suspect is a white male with brown hair between 5'5" - 5'7" and drives a light-colored grey or tan, older model mid-sized car.

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    • Four arrested in Walmart brawl

      Two of the sheboons still have their hairhats. Wonder what the tumbleweave level was in the aftermath of the brawl? They must have tumbleweave sweepers in high black areas, much like elephant poop scoopers.
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  • Bloomberg BoiX
    • Bill Belichek controls TNB like no other.
      I don't know about that.

      They are gone so there is rarely talk about them anymore .

      Supposedly Seattle might be getting an NHL franchise. Supposedly the stadium is going to be privately financed. I am sure they'll be many back door government subsides though.Probably $100 million spent on infrastructure improvements and tax incentives.
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