• Ungrateful nigger slams the man who helped get his thief son out of Chinese custody.
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      I should have left them in jail. ~Donald Trump

      Trump is a master of gamesmanship. Trump looks golden in this incident, China looks magnanimous, and the ungrateful black b-ball players and that "father" look ridiculous.

      Criticize Trump if it makes you happy - but the FALLOUT is a ripened fruit that the MSM cannot ignore the way they regularly ignore the epidemic of BLACK CRIME.
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      I work with three black girls all in their 20's at a finance company, they hate black males!

      Guys come in here broke needing a loan and will try to talk them up, and they will shoot that shit down fast!

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    • The norm for this sub-species?

      "The owner of a popular wing chain in Memphis has been accused of choking a customer after she complained of cold french fries.

      At Crumpy's Hot Wings, a customer picking up her order complained to owner Donald Crump about the cold fries. Crump refused, telling her she was late picking up her order, which the woman admitted was true to WMC Action News 5.

      The woman tells WREG after Crump refused to issue a refund she pushed her food over the counter and it fell on the floor.

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    • This greedy Negress sickens me
      Wench appears to be an actual MD but to tout this "HGH" shit is fucking despicable and if the AMA was a legitimate organization it would investigate the wench.

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    • First "trick or treater" in NINE DAMN YEARS and guess who wants a hand-out...
      I hate living in an HOA - but I like the gates that keep all of them OUT. We have ZERO trick-or-treaters.

      Of course they are building 1500 homes nearby soon, and of course the required "low-income housing" percentage crap, so in the future mere gates and fences won't keep them out, but they will be sorely disappointed because no one will gvie them anything and police will be called (privately owned roads).

      I dream of a truly PRIVATE walled and gated piece of land ... NO ENTRADA ... shoot anyone who invades, period.
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    • MLB player who claimed that a waiter refused to serve him turns out to be a liar
      Neither the TMZ Sports nor the WZDX-TV report identified the restaurant involved. Huntsville City Council member Devyn Keith, who was with Maxwell, said they didn't want to hurt the business with adverse publicity.


      Right, they care so much about not hurting "the business" - but they don't give a damn at all about getting an individual waiter FIRED from his measly job on a false accusation made by one of Satan's own minions (as false accusers ARE Satanic in their nature).

      Wealthy Black ballplayer trying to destroy the minimum wage job of a poor young white male waiter. SICK.
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  • Bloomberg BoiX
    • Vicious foul feral filthy Negro attacks and pummels innocent victim
      The regular Everett tweaker cam watchers name the fuckers and the cast of dozens. That garbage can is R2D2. The black ct seen now and then is Battle Cat. Thus Rag comes out at night. Saved video shows the fucker sneaking up and grabbing a slice of pizza from the delivery box sitting on the ground next to the tweakers.

      One tweaker was murdered by another a couple weeks ago via a kick to the head.

      Fun times!!!
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    • Some male and female TNB.

      natural outcome of the NFL pandering the the kneeling Negroes. NFL better get this shit figured out or 1/2 the games will be negroes refusing to go into play during the game...

      fuck dat sheeet, I'm not goin' in....i'm kneeelin' and whatnot...still pay me muh muney!!!


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