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    • That wall came hard for Geniffer Flowers
      You know, I wonder if Bill wouldn't have been far better off just kicking Hillary to the curb. Maybe he wouldn't have been POTUS, maybe he would have; maybe he wouldn't have had a very soft landing leaving the White House, and maybe he would have. But Bill is fuck machine, and it must be a small personal hell for him to have to constantly sneak around and fuck substandard quim when he could have been free as a bird, fucking his way six ways to Sunday with top shelf puss.
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    • THinking about dumping my Crown Vic for a mustang
      I've been looking at some ex-police crown vic's and explorer's as possible vehicle to drive to work.

      I like both but the crown vic seems to be either a love or hate thing.

      Bad thing about most of the ex-police explorer's seems to be they will be missing something some sort of interior pc like center console, rear trim, even saw one missing rear the time I check to see if I can find one replacement it sells.
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    • Swedish troops
      In ten years, their forces will be half muzzie and the rest female.
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      the whole "probe" is never going to end on its own--which is the whole point--mueller WANTS to be fired b/c that alone will prove his case to enough morons out there--he certainly can't do thru any actual evidence b/c of course there isn't any

      the only politically expedient way for trump to end this is to appoint another special counsel to look into hillary and all the other things dredged up over the last year including muellers probe and the things that led to it--an all-encompassing investigation that would surround and envelop meuller and his shitlib "team"--but for some reason pubes don't seem smart enough to engineer that
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    • Do Rich People Play the Lottery?
      Curious if the wealthy get involved with these pipedreams as well. The lotteries are seemingly geared towards mid-low income folks who are seeking some sort of escape from debt, a thankless job, living in a crappy neighborhood etc.

      If a millionaire was also playing the lottery on a regular basis, would he (or she) be considered greedy or simply covering the bases on a fluke wager?
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  • TheCommonManX
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