• Trump's tax bill will make 2018 a wild year for divorce

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      • People typically rush into marriage, not divorces. But a curious change in the GOP’s tax bill means that some couples — or individuals — might rush back to the courthouse.

        The GOP tax bill signed by Trump late last year fundamentally altered many aspects of the tax code, sending accountants scrambling, and stands as the biggest change to the tax system since 1986. Despite long-standing calls to address the federal debt, the tax cuts outlined in the bill came out to be pricey, projected to cost $1.5 trillion or more, with insufficient revenue gains to pay for it.

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      • Re: Trump's tax bill will make 2018 a wild year for divorce
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      • Trump's tax bill will make 2018 a wild year for divorce #1

        What mindless dribble. Don't really care where he got his degree, he obviously has no grasp on how the real world operates. I'll wager a shot of good whisky that divorces are down in 2018 and marriages rise between Man and Woman. Kiss goodbye to the liberal pension for stirring up shite and racial tensions. America is all in for MAGA and we will all witness a return to prosperity and Rule of Law, not sniveling verbal bullies.
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