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    • "When I write the book about my love, my pain will be written on every page in tears"
      It used to be a loud song when he was in a rockabilly band 40 years ago.

      Produced evryone from Pretenders to 'Pistols. I would never like to try to learn the chord progressions.

      Barely got the hang of "Peace, Love and Understanding." That one was a tounge-in-cheek poke at Springsteen, but nobody got it.

      He's got to be close to 70 now, still touring I bleve.
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  • deployableX
    • The Jetzons - Hard Times
      80s Rock. Check. 80s Progressive Rock. Check. 80s Post Punk. Check. 80s Original old school Gansta Rap. Check. New Wave. DUMP!
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    • I honestly don't think Justin Timberlake's Superbowl Halftime performance was that bad.
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      I'll have to read some of the reviews dissing his performance, just to see what fault the so called experts are seeing with him. I'll think it's bullshit, but I just want to see what angle they are aiming for.

      No one criticizes Beiber for being white, because he has that history with Usher. It's easy to not take JT seriously due to his Disney and NSYNC history, but everyone has to start somewhere.

      Personally, I think Timberlake has more overall raw talent than Bieber, he is probably the Sinatra of our generation. If H-Wood still made musicals with big dance productions, Timberlake would be the biggest star in America.
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  • NewsGuyX
    • REM singer Michael Stipe talks about the embarrassment of STI flareups
      I knew a guy who played in a band with him for the year or two he was in highschool in StL.

      He got busted by the StL cops for wearing "more than two items of women's clothing" in public.

      Albeit he was just dressed up in drag for Rocky Horror Show at midnite in University City, but they thought he was soliciting.

      The guy, Jeff, from the band Small Ball Paul(much later) said Michael had REALLY bad acne, and was an army brat that got moved around a bunch. Nobody really cared that he was closeted, but he did get picked on a lot. They wrote letters after he left, but he said Stipe became sort of an asshole, and wouldn't take his phone calls once REM got signed.

      Typical dweeb that made it big.

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    • I have started to listen to new pop music
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      Haven't heard anything decent since The Killers and early Owl City. It's all no-talent niggers and bimbos now. I'd occasionally hear something on a TV ad I liked but even that has been a long while.

      From Apple ads:

      From a Cigna ad:

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  • NisseX
    • I started Blk Hist month by listening to 60's Brit covers of their songs
      Cultural appropriation supreme. Even a Jethro Tull blues song. Birds(not Byrds), The Who, Zombies, Small Faces, Steve Winwood...

      Click on play for Feb 1, it will only be around for 2 weeks. Only a cupl PSA's. no commercials.

      Playlist for show, shud you doubt me...
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  • deployableX
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    • trev music
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      This is Trevor, your host with the most. Let's slow it down for the Real Dolls in our lives. I like to call this the Quiet hour, whereas we embrace the Real Doll and become one with the Real Doll.

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    • Do you suffer from condition known by pilots as "helmet fire"?
      I believe some of you here suffer from helmet fire and also astronaut syndrome.

      In astronaut syndrome during a prolonged interplanetary flight the astronaut has lost connection with external things to his head and has become convinced that the only things that matter exist in his or her head only therefore rendering the astronaut dysfunctional.

      It is caused by prolonged isolation in a closed space.
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