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    • > + 03/30/2018 08:16 PM : monroe
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    • Pope Francis Warns About Danger Of Nuclear War: 'We Are At The Very Limit'

      Pope Francis said on Monday he was really afraid about the danger of nuclear war and that the world now stood at "the very limit".

      His comment, made as he flew off for a visit to Chile and Peru, came after Hawaii issued a false missile alert that provoked panic in the U.S. state and highlighted the risk of possible unintended nuclear war with North Korea.

      Asked if he was worried about the possibility of nuclear war, Pope Francis said: "I think we are at the very limit. I am really afraid of this. One accident is enough to precipitate things."

      He did not mention Hawaii or North Korea.

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    • Raised within an abusive cult the guy speaks out
      keep in mind assange was raised within abusive cult... turned out fine, right? a hero of pervertariat rainbowlution, leaking slimy nonsense and garbage and of course leading the way for al-qaeda in sexual assaults, rapes, 72 virgins.
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  • GruntledX
    • Order NOW!!! Buy NOW and SAVE!!!
      "Wonder Bible Audio Player is the incredible NEW Bible that speaks! Wonder Bible Audio Player is compact, lightweight, easy to carry, and contains the entire Old and New Testaments of the Bible in the King James Version. Now you can hear the spoken Word of God anytime and anywhere! Now through this special offer we're going to send you the incredible Wonder Bible Audio Player, a USB charging cable + 10 Meditation Tracks for the ultra-low price of $39.99 and $4.99 P&H OR you can select our Double Offer and pay just $19.99 for a second Wonder Bible Audio Player set and we will ship it to you FREE! That's an amazing value and small price to pay for unfettered access to the spoken Word of the Lord. Keep in mind, the Wonder Bible Audio Player makes a great gift for a friend or loved one, and it's perfect for weddings, baptisms, Christenings, First Communion and more! This offer won't last long and it's NOT available in stores. Select how many Wonder Bible Audio Players you'd like to receive and click the process order button NOW! "

      Expect to see this fucking TV ad relentlessly here in the Godforsaken Bible Belt of the fucking failing USA. The idiocy espoused in the manner done in the ad came close to inducing nausea within my essence and a pondering that religiosity is the bane of logical minds immersed within the massive idiocy of brainwashed buffoons.

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  • GruntledX
    • Hey, Christards, NOTHING happened yesterday. NOW WHAT?
      I didn't think that Christians thought the world was going to end.

      In fact, the Bible specifically says nobody will know the time.

      Matthew 24:36: But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.

      Every lunatic that spouts religious apocalyptic nonsense isn't a Christian.
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    • > + 09/24/2017 11:52 AM : .
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    • Mainline Protestantism is superior to both Catholicism and Evangelical Protestantism.
      The American Catholic's concept of saints are, just like their Calvinazi cousins, all celebrities, especially filthy rich celebrities, singers, TV, and movie stars. The vilest sort of "sinner" in Calvinazi America is a "loser."
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  • GentlemanX
    • Post Your Funniest Islam or Mohammed Comics, Memes, or Pics ITT
      I have also converted to Islam as my religion is the biggest bullshit in the literally its bull shit. I saw people in India fucking kids, everyone is a homosexual and then to wash their sins, they would drink a random animal like cow or bull's urine, poop and then worship a dick that fell off some god. I am not kidding, hindu actually have a small black dick as a god for fertility called shiva little lun sorry linga . Basically they worship anything that moves and ended up with 30 million gods. I was always uncomfortable with these dead statues reminding me of Avatar. The religion has so many stories of how men raped their brother's wife, daughters and mothers which explains why India has the highest number of rapes in the world. I found peace in Islam. ISLAM IS THE REAL RELIGION - La ilaha illallahu Mohammedur Rasoolullah
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  • 5 Dot GeneralX
    • Is this accurate?
      No. There are 55 sacred texts from various religions across the globe, from South America, to Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Jesus and Muhammad were not the only prophets to roam the earth. There were thousands. Two guys just happened to corner the market and leave a longlasting impression on millions of gullable humans. Many still roam the streets of our cities claiming to be Jesus or some other messiah variant. (Place anti-psychotic ad here)
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    • MARK TWAIN on the JEWS
      I read a speech which frankly urged the expulsion of the Jews from Germany; and the agitator's reason was as frank as his proposition.It was this: that eighty-five per cent. of the successful lawyers of Berlin were Jews, and that about the same percentage of the great and lucrative businesses of all sorts in Germany were in the hands of the Jewish race! Isn't it an amazing confession? It was but another way of saying that in a population of 48,000,000, of whom only 500,000 were registered as Jews, eight-five per cent. of the brains and honesty of the whole was lodged in the Jews.

      Jews were 85% of the lawyer because they EXPELLED non-jews from the occupation. Jews control Harvard because they Expelled White goyim from their own university. When Whites expel Jews they are just beating Jews at their own game.
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    • > + 06/08/2017 03:42 AM : .
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    • Pope warns of imminent war.
      I'm the epitome of "anti-Catholic" ... but I understand the pope is making the point that when people [he speaking mainly of national leaders] don't listen to each other, then that is conducive to war.
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  • All ThreeX
    • The POWER of PRAYER
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    • > + 02/19/2017 04:41 AM : .
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    • Posted 04/06/2018 12:26 AM


      "Coach Dave," a Christian pastor and high school coach, has a YouTube channel where he shares his opinions on a wide range of topics, including masturbation. You see, Coach Dave thinks masturbation counts as homosexuality because it's technically "sex with a man:"

      "You've just got to say no to it, as hard as it is. If you're very honest about it, masturbation is homosexuality. You're having sex with a man. You get it? You're putting images of a woman in your mind, but you're having sex with a man. It's where the Devil will take us if we give him free range in our minds."

      Coach Dave went on to make some... questionable comparisons in his efforts to remind everyone that sex is a bodily function:

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    • Posted 04/02/2018 07:58 AM
    • "President Donald Trump opted out of participating in a White House Seder to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Passover for the second year in a row. The president broke with tradition set by his predecessor, Barack Obama, who hosted a Seder in the White House for all eight years of his presidency. Last year, the White House did hold a last-minute event for Jewish staff but the president and his Jewish daughter and son-in-law did not attend."

      The article goes on to list every perceived slight President Trump has done to the Jewish community.

      Good God will thee people ever stop whining.


    • Posted 12/20/2016 09:09 PM
    • The ILLUMINATI BROTHERHOOD forms an invisible legion of friends around the world, working together and
      helping each other. In countries where private associations or "secret societies" are outlawed, we are
      simply friends helping one another.
      The word "occult" comes from the Latin and only means "hidden." The term is widely used in the medical
      field to describe medical conditions that are hidden. In popular usage, however, occult has come to mean
      something that is evil or a cult that "brainwashes" its members. Usually, such charges are found to be
      Guardian angel materialize before your very eyes to grant your wishes!
      Travel outside your body - In complete safety - And see what others are doing, without their knowledge!
      Command the undying love of another! Cease worrying weather they'll be true or not - With your new found occult power they will never want to leave you.
      Make someone fall in love with you!
      Banish addiction! Cease being a slave to a bad habit. Overcome it once and for all - And be free!
      Go to top in your chosen career. Become a winner - The occult way!
      Influence powerful people. Be listened to at last - Without them knowing why!
      Strike it rich in games of chance! Start winning - Instead of losing - At bingo, The race track, Pools, Lotteries - The occult way!
      Read other peoples thoughts. Let their minds become open an open book to you! How to anticipate their next move!

      The Brotherhood is not a cult. It does not practice any kind of mind-control over its Members or
      promote anything that any sane person would consider evil or criminal. It teaches its Members how to free
      themselves from being dominated by others and control their own mind.
      Members come from a wide variety of belief systems and may freely exercise the practice of any faith (or none) as a Member.
      Membership in the ILLUMINATI BROTHERHOOD is not cheap but is easily affordableby anyone. Some join having nothing more than social security or an unemployment check. you have to purchase for the items

      needed for your initiation once you get the items then you can come with it to our temple for your initiation
      but we do not request for human sacrifice or to take the life of your love ones and also registration is free
      to join call+2348088189964 or Email us on
      we are not suppose to be on the internet but because of this comments:
      'i want to join occult in Nigeria'
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      Without true wisdom and inner power, the outer trappings of success are all in vain, for spirit is ascendant over matter. That which is eternal is of far greater value than that which turns to dust. The ILLUMINATI Brotherhood's teachings are not aimed merely towards self-aggrandizement but for the greater happiness of the Member and so that they, in turn, may bless and help others upon the path of life.

      With that said, let us say that anyone, having the right knowledge, inner power and a circle of powerful
      friends, with grit and determination can attain to success and prosperity.
      Advancement in the Brotherhood's degrees of wisdom and power can, however, translate into a virtual
      guarantee of lifetime security because you are building a power within yourself that can never be taken
      away. Success is not handed to anyone on a silver platter and only you can guarantee your future
      Why not start today building that happiness, prosperity, inner power and peace by joining The ILLUMINATI Brotherhood? you can get us through email or call +2348088189964

      We are the first above-ground organization in history openly dedicated to the acceptance of Man's true nature - that of a carnal beast, living in a cosmos which is permeated and motivated by the Dark Force which we call LUCIFER

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    • Posted 03/18/2018 01:22 PM

      Lebanese cleric Sheikh Muhammad Abu Al-Qat' delivered a Friday sermon in which he claimed that "all the wars and strife around the world are planned by the Jews," as well as "all the corruption suffered by humanity." Sheikh Abu Al-Qat' also said that "all the films about crime, killing, and abduction are produced by the Jews" and that they "are behind all the films of prostitution and abomination." He also said that "the Jews use women" to ensnare people, and that for this purpose, "most of the [Arab] presidents and leaders were filmed having sex with [former Israeli FM Tzipi] Livni." The sermon was delivered on December 22, 2017 at the Mosque of the Naqshbandi Order and was posted on YouTube.

      Following is a transcript:

      Muhammad Abu Al-Qat': Allah said with regard to the Jews: All the wars and strife that plague humanity are planned by the Jews. In Quran [chapter 5], verse 64, Allah says: "Whenever they kindle fire for war, Allah extinguishes it". Indeed, millions around the world are engaged in wars and strife. "Whenever they kindle fire for war, Allah extinguishes it". Allah takes it upon Himself to protect His faithful servants. We all agree that the wars we fight against one another are plotted and planned by the Jews.

      [ ... ]

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