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    • Those "La Raza" folks seem upset
      War is where this is headed. I'm wondering if their plan is to collapse the country and have us kill each other, then move in and buy up the assets? This hides the fact that Wall Street and the banks robbed the country blind, also. Or is this going to be a race-based Bolshevik Revolution where whites are targeted by the government and their "army of color"?
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    • Orlando Gunman's Wife Breaks Silence: 'I Was Unaware'
      WASHINGTON - Things finally seemed to be going better for Noor Salman and her husband, Omar Mateen. He had been accepted into a police training program and had showered her with jewelry to celebrate. He had given her permission to visit her family in California and handed her spending money for the trip. And he had stopped hitting her.

      So when Mr. Mateen told her that he would not be home for dinner the afternoon of June 11, she asked him not to go. It was Saturday - and she hoped it would be a family night. But he told her that he had to see a friend, kissing her and hugging their 3-year-old son as he left.

      Mr. Mateen never returned home. Instead, he drove two hours from the family's home in Fort Pierce, Fla., to a nightclub in Orlando, where he killed 49 people and wounded dozens more before the police fatally shot him, ending one of the worst terrorist attacks in the United States since 2001.


      Ms. Salman, whose parents immigrated to the United States from the West Bank in 1985, was immediately a person of interest. F.B.I. agents questioned her for hours, eliciting from her that she had been with her husband when he bought ammunition and scouted the club. Some agents came to believe that she was not being truthful.

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    • NEW FACES at the DNC
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  • NEW FACES at the DNC
    • So I guess "Hispanic" is now a media code-word that means "probably Muslim."
      Police released "more" images today (from the same source, mall cameras) of the Macy's shooting suspect. Evidently, the politicians who tell police what to do got an epiphany that the most important thing to do at this particular moment is to actually catch the guy. The "hard" choice, of course, is to release more images of the kid aside from the one - one fucking picture that was released when they had the best chance of catching him - because it was the only still shot they had that arguably was ambiguous as to the shooter's ethnicity.

      This fucker is not Hispanic. Those fucks knew that last night too. That's why they released only the one photo, the one on the far right, where it's not quite as obvious he's not Hispanic.

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  • Transgender Bathroom BillX
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    • Posted 11/24/2016 10:17 AM
    • Muslims at the Pentagon Brace for Donald Trump Administration

      Donald Trump's inauguration may be 58 days away, but for the Muslim officials once welcomed into the U.S. government's war on terrorism, the change already has begun.

      Four U.S. officials who spoke to The Daily Beast said fear is pervasive among Muslims inside the halls of the Pentagon, the CIA, and the Department of Homeland Security in anticipation of a Trump administration. Already, the officials said, they are seeing colleagues who are less willing to share their thoughts about national security. They fear they will no longer be seen as an asset to confronting terrorism but rather suspect members of the government they serve.

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